Monitoring medication administration remotely

 is the first remote medication administration monitoring system available

PAMAN is a remote monitoring system that allows pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to observe patients living at home, taking their medications, using an internet-enabled audio/video Medihub.

The Medihub uses either broadband, 4G or 5G (where available) to connect with the PAMAN monitoring centre at the Medication Support head office.

PAMAN using a specially developed interactive medication administration record (MAR) chart to record all medications taken by the patient and to ensure that the dispensed medication is taken correctly.

Our OVERLAY ® app compares prescriptions and MAR charts with the previous month, designed to highlight errors in prescribing from repeat prescription forms.

PAMAN monitors medication & wellbeing

A complete monitoring system that cuts the cost of delivering medication adherence and can check the wellbeing of the service user.

PAMAN is being piloted by Liverpool City Council as part of  the DCMS WAVE 2 5G Testbed within a redevelopment area of Liverpool called Kensington. Whilst PAMAN does not require 5G to operate (it works just as well with broadband or 4G) the possibility of a 5G connection promises faster internet speeds and reduced lag times.

Simple button to operate

Press the button on the top of the Medihub to answer and hangup. You are in control.

Voice messages

The two-way audio system allows the monitoring Centre to communicate with the service user.

Video link

The monitoring centre can see and talk to the service user to ensure that the medication is taken correctly.

Temperature alerts

Monitoring centre can be alerted to excessive temperature rises, or if temperature is outside a comfortable range.

Motion / no motion

Set to take photo when movement is detected or send an alert if no movement has been detected for some time.

Receive Alerts

Monitoring centre can be made aware of service users’ difficulties.

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