Service User Enrolment

For enrolment into the PAMAN pilot project

It has been estimated that 35 – 60% of people do not take their medications as prescribed.

Drug related problems are reported to be a major or contributing cause of:

  • around 19-28% of hospitalisations in people over age fifty
  • increased emergency room visits
  • increased need for assisted living arrangements

A person’s capacity for medication management is defined as the “cognitive and functional ability to self-administer a medication regimen as it has been prescribed.”

Please complete both forms below to enrol the service user onto the Paman pilot.

The assessment form checks the suitability of the perspective Service User for the Paman service.

The registration form begins the process of enrolling the Service User on to the Paman service. You will need to supply a portrait photograph to complete this form.
Decisions on eligibility will be made by led by Liverpool City Council.

Alternatively you can download the assessment form and registration form as a PDF and email back to us.